Designed To Keep Seniors And Their Care-givers Connected At All Time

AngelCare is the easiest way to stay in touch with your loved-ones without intruding into their privacy and their independence. Voice, location, activity tracking and a lot more are available in this device specifically designed for seniors’ well-being.

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A Smart wearable device for Seniors

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Peace Of Mind For Care-givers

Your parents want independence and you are worried. You can now check on them regularly without having to do anything. You will be able to monitor things such as location, route tracking, activity, vital signs or even setup a safe zone and get alerted in case they get out of range.

Give The Seniors The Independence They Deserve

Seniors do not like to carry the normal pendant called “panic button” as they identify it as a sign of illness. In most cases those pendants are not worn by senior people.
AngelCare smartwatch has been designed with elegance to meet most of senior people’s taste.
It is easy to wear, easy to use and seniors love it.

Powerful Key Features

Emergency call

Pre-programmed numbers connecting to 24/7 emergency call center/care givers at the push of a button


The watch is utilizing a blend of Assisted-GPS, WIFI hotspot triangulation and GSM Cell Tower to provide the most accurate position both outdoor and indoor


AngelCare is using a very special algorithm and features a mix of Accelerometer and Gyroscope which allow us to detect brutal falls

Event and medicine reminder

Clinical appointment or medication reminders can be set up and alert the senior on the watch when time is up


Carers can talk to wearers without having them to press any button

Easy to use & to recharge

AngelCare is waterproof, can be worn under the shower. It is durable and comes with an easy cradle to place it in for recharge

Simple For Seniors To Call

One button, that is all what seniors need to remember to place a call. It is that simple.

Using the AngelCare App or Web portal you pre-program three phone numbers that the senior can call.

Using the emergency button, professional 24/7 response call center can be pre-programmed to be called in case of emergency or automatic fall detection.

Two models

  • 2G GSM Based
  • Customized OS
  • Fall detector
  • Position tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Vital signs (via 3rd party devices)
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Long battery life
    (4 days stand-by time)
  • 3G WCDMA Based
  • Android 4.2.2
  • Fall detector
  • Position tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Vital signs (via 3rd party devices)
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Long battery life (4 days stand-by time or 2 days for smallest battery)

Call Your Loved Ones Or Track Their Location

You can select who is entitled to call the watch directly from APP or Web Portal. A white-list allows you to make sure your loved-ones do not receive calls from un-authorized numbers.

If you worry about your parents not being able to push the button and answer, just fill in your number on the AUTO-CALL List of the Dashboard and you will be able to connect with them automatically even if the elderly is not responding and/or incapacitated.

At anytime you can know the where-about of the wearers. Just by using the AngelCare APP or Web Interface you can track their position at pre-configured intervals or even request an On-demand Location for urgent cases, no matter the wearer is located indoor or outdoor.

Set Safe Zone

Using the APP or a computer, you can configure areas you want the elderly to stay in.

Once they are set up, you will receive push notifications on your APP when wearers exit those zones. This will avoid you to keep on sending SMS to the device in order to request location.

Non-movement Detector & Activity Tracker

The AngelCare is equipped with sensors capable of tracking wearer’s movements.

A timeframe can be pre-defined and if during this period the wearer has not moved, you will receive push notification on your APP alerting of inactivity.

By studying the normal activity patterns of the wearer, the watch can keep an eye on any abnormal change and let you know when major activity change has been noticed.

Care-givers can view and compare over weeks and months.

Vital Signs

AngelCare is using Bluetooth technology to communicate with 3rd party devices and collect all the data. Once those data are collected they are sent out to the cloud service and can be accessed by any care-givers from computer or mobile APP.

They can also be sent by email to physicians or general practitioner for analysis.

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